Our lab is a newly renovated facility that serves as a stand-alone environmental laboratory geared towards molecular biology applications. The lab houses state-of-art precision instruments critical to detailed microbiological and biotechnology research applications, as well as a full complement of chemicals and glassware along with two fume hoods. The main in-house equipment include single cell Raman Spectroscopy, semi-automated Raman-activated single cell sorting system, fluorescence microscope, automated liquid handling systems for high-throughput bioassays, automated DNA extraction unit, quantitative PCR machine, microplate readers, cell incubators, HPLC, LC-MS, solid phase extractor, and other environmental microbiology and molecular biology-related equipment.

Detailed information as follows.


Single cell Raman spectroscopy equipped with fluorescence microscopy: we use Raman spectroscopy or Raman-FISH to study the complex environmental system at the single-cell level

RACE facility

Semi-automated Raman-activated single cell sorting platform: we apply this Raman-activated single cell sorting platform to study the genome and transcriptome of environmental samples at the single-cell level

real-time qPCR

Real-time qPCR: we use this real-time qPCR to study quantitative gene expression profiles.

DNA extraction

Automated DNA extraction unit for at most 12 samples per time

liquid transfer

Automated liquid handling system for high-throughput bioassays






Solid phase extractor



Fast freeze dryer



Microplate readers