Prof. Frazier works with student

CURIE Research Project 2016

Data Science in Medicine
Faculty Director: Prof. Peter Frazier
Prof. Frazier works in sequential decision-making under uncertainty and machine learning, focusing on problems where information is acquired over time. He works on applications in simulation, e-commerce, medicine, and biology.

Project Description

This movement is improving medical outcomes for patients, the efficiency with which we can deliver care, and the effectiveness of healthcare-focused public policy initiatives.  This movement is also an important tool in the effort to reduce healthcare costs while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the quality of care delivered.

In the 2016 CURIE Academy we provide an overview of this exciting area, introducing tools from data science, statistics, and operations research at the core of this transformation, and diving in with projects in these areas:

  • Planning radiation therapy for cancer patients
  • Scheduling surgeries
  • Designing clinical trials
  • Triaging patients in an emergency department

Each project will be introduced by a lecture, followed by work in small groups to address a medical challenge, ending each day with a discussion of the results.  The program will culminate on the final day with a project that synthesizes ideas from the previous days of the program.