Corporate Awards & Scholarships 2022

With support from our industry partners DPE presents corporate awards and scholarships to the following students.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Scholarship

  • Hudson Scanni ’23, Civil Engineering
  • Chanelle Moise ’23, Biomedical Engineering
  • Emilio (Leo) Herrera ’24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
Triptych with portraits of Leo Herrera, Chanelle Moise and Hudson Scanni
Emilio (Leo) Herrera, Chanelle Moise, and Hudson Scanni (l-r)


  • Caleb Julian-Kwong ‘24, Environmental Engineering
  • Courtney Golden ‘23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diptych of Caleb and Courtney
Caleb Julian-Kwong & Courtney Golden (l-r)


  • Gabriella Passarelli ‘23, Mechanical Engineering
  • Isabella Siu ‘23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diptych of Gabriella and Isabella
Gabriella Passarelli & Isabella Siu

Lockheed Martin

  • Raphael Fortuna ‘23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Natalie Isak ‘22, Computer Science
Diptych of Raphael and Natalie
Raphael Fortuna & Natalie Isak

Pepsi Co.

  • Samantha Cobado ‘22, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Pietro Perez ‘23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diptych of Samantha and Pietro
Samantha Cobado & Pietro Perez

Sempra Energy

  • Isabella Animadu ‘22, Civil Engineering
  • Anna Lin ‘24, Materials Science and Engineering
Dipytch of Isabella and Anna
Isabella Animadu & Anna Lin


Verizon Foundation

  • Katelyn Mosle ‘22, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rebekah Westerlind ‘22, Computer Science and Operations Research & Engineering
Diptych of Katelyn and Rebekah
Katelyn Mosle & Rebekah Westerlind

Diversity Scholar Awards

  • Barakat Abdul ‘24, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jayson Baptiste ‘24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Brandon Feraud-Solorzano ‘25, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Jaden Jeswald ‘22, Environmental Engineering (CALS)
  • Ave Kludze ‘23, Biomedical Engineering
  • Kingsley Odae ‘22, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Hudson Scanni ‘23, Civil Engineering
  • Jing Jing Wang ‘22, Civil Engineering
Collage of 8 student portraits of mixed races and genders
Top row (l-r): Barakat Abdul, Jayson Baptiste, Brandon Feraud-Solorzano and Jaden Jeswald. Bottom row (l-r): Ave Kludze, Kingsley Odae, Hudson Scanni and Jing Jing Wang.

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