About me


I am a PhD Candidate in the Mechanical and Aerospace department at Cornell University.  I work in the Energy and Environment Lab with Dr. Max Zhang. My research is on optimizing urban green infrastructure (GI), vegetation, to mitigate traffic-related air pollution. I use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to assess various GI designs impact on pollutant reduction. I also work on using machine learning and parameterization, like the Gaussian dispersion equations, to capture the effects of vegetation on pollutant behavior downwind of the barrier.

Prior to Cornell, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, summa cum laude, with concentrations in Energy and Aerospace and a minor in Math.

In my free time I like playing and following soccer.  The teams I root for are Al-Ahly, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. I also enjoy learning about investing and the stock market.