Cornell Engineering, Cornell Tech and Computing and Information Science now offers its faculty, student researchers and student groups edublogs web hosting. We offer several mobile friendly WordPress templates to easily build a site and maintain it.

Update: Accessibility and Branding

Cornell will soon require all new sites to be accessible and to have the required branding on every site with …cornell.edu in the url. Planning ahead means choosing one of the “Cornell Recommended, Cornell Tested” themes. We are currently working on adding more accessible themes to this list. More specific information on how to create accessible websites.

Branding requirements are coming soon and you can easily add the required branding to the footer widgets at that time.

Log in with your netid and then choose a theme. (Cornell Recommended, Cornell Tested) These sites are for the user with limited knowledge of the web, looking for simple, easy way to publish content. These WordPress sites are hosted by CampusPress and offer a limited number of plugins.

There are tutorials in the sidebar. This is a free hosting option provided by the college units. If you are looking to set up a faculty research site we can help get you started.

If these WordPress sites are too limited, we have further hosting options available.

More questions? Contact:

Chris Lastovicka, COE

Manuel Calimlim, CIS and Cornell Tech