CS 3110 Fall 2022 FAQ

This FAQ will be updated throughout Summer 2022 and during the Add period in Fall 2022, so please check back for updates.

Questions about Enrollment

If you encounter a question not answered here, please check the CS Course Enrollment page and follow-up with the email address listed there.

  • Can you put me on the waitlist or give me a permission code? No, CS department policy is that enrollment in 3110 is first-come first-served.
  • Will you let me enroll with a time overlap in another course? No, I will not approve overlaps with lecture or discussion sections. This is a core course that requires focus. If you can’t devote the time this semester, please come back in a future semester.
  • Can you help me switch to a different discussion section? No, you must work that out with the Registrar yourself. Sections are capped based on room capacity and TA availability. We want a good TA:student ratio to best teach you. Use Student Center’s swap feature [p. 3]. Do not drop the class: you could lose your spot and be unable to re-enroll.
  • Should I take CS 3110 or 3410? Note that CS 3410 will not be offered in Spring 2023. Look at courses you might want to take in the future (CS 4410, CS 5430, etc.) and consider whether you might need CS 3410 this fall.

Questions about the Course

If you encounter a question not answered here, please email me.

  • How can I prepare for the course over the summer?
    • You could watch my YouTube channel on OCaml Programming, and follow the links to the CS 3110 course textbook from there.
    • You could also start with a very gentle introduction to OCaml from the free book OCaml from the Very Beginning
    • I regret that I will not available to answer OCaml questions before the start of the fall semester — my summer time is allocated to other projects.
    • I will not be able to give you assignments to do over the summer, but there are exercises in both textbooks linked above.
  • Will my choice of partners/groups be limited by discussion section? No, there will be no restriction based on discussion sections.
  • Will lecture attendance and iClickers be required? Yes, with appropriate policies about excused absences, etc.
  • Will discussion section attendance be required? That decision has not yet been made. For sake of planning your schedule, you should assume that you will always be attending, regardless of what the final policy turns out to be.
  • When will exams be? They aren’t on the Registrar’s schedule. The Registrar schedules evening prelims. CS 3110 has in-class prelims. The dates of those are at the discretion of the instructor. The planned dates of those will be available when the Canvas site is published at the beginning of the semester.
  • Will the course be fun? Yes. fun is a keyword in OCaml. 🐪

Course Staff Hiring Status

  • 4/24/22: The application system opens on May 2 and closes June 6. Please make sure to submit your application by then. I won’t get access to any applications until after June 6, so don’t expect any news before then.
  • 6/15/22: First-round offers have been made. The deadline for those to be accepted is July 12. After that I might make more offers.
  • 7/21/22: All undergraduate TA positions have been filled. Second-round consultant offers have been made. The deadline for those to be accepted is August 1. After that I might make more offers with very short fuses. So if you still haven’t heard anything, check your email daily starting August 1.
  • 7/28/22: All consultant positions have been filled. There will not be a third round of offers.