For Students

What I’m Teaching This Academic Year

  • Fall 2022: CS 3110; see the FAQ
  • Spring 2023: CS 2110
    (CS 4160 will not be offered in Spring 2023)


  • I am not accepting any research students at this time.
  • If you want to get involved with research, I recommend the ACSU readme and the annual ACSU Research Night.

Recommendation Letters

  • I am pleased to write recommendation letters for students who have been effective TAs on my course staff, or who otherwise have worked one-on-one with me.
  • If all I already know about you is your grades in my class, I will usually have to decline to write a letter. Your final grade is already on your transcript; a letter from me wouldn’t convey any additional information that is useful.
  • You will usually be given an option to waive your right to view the letter I write. Most students do. If you’re not going to waive that right, then you and I should have a conversation about why you think I’m the right letter writer for you.
  • If you are applying to a PhD program, we need to meet at least once before I can agree to write a letter. I need to understand why you believe (i) that a PhD is necessary for your future goals, and (ii) that I’m a good choice to be a letter writer for you. It’s good if you’ve been a TA for me and had good teaching evaluations that I can cite. It’s not so good if the only letter I could write says, roughly, “did well in class.”
  • If I do agree to write a letter, here is the information I will need:
    • A link to the program to which you are applying.
    • A summary of all the ways in which you and I have previously interacted. Assume that I’m terribly forgetful.
    • A list of all the courses you’ve taken with me, including the semesters in which you took them, and the grade you received.
    • A current resumé or CV.
    • A copy of your personal statement or statement of purpose, if the program to which you are applying requires such a statement.