CURIE Academy

2018 Program Dates: July 15-21, 2018

The application for the 2018 program is now closed. We are no longer accepting new applications. 

Cornell Engineering encourages high school students to break rules to take intellectual risks. An exciting world of discovery is waiting for you. This summer come to Cornell University and find out for yourself at the CURIE Academy! Find out more about the program!

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  1. Express your creativity and explore your passions!
  2. Push the limits of your imagination!
  3. Reward yourself for being great in math and science!
  4. Lead a career in science, business, medicine, law, politics, natural resources, or countless other areas!
  5. Work with people from various backgrounds and cultures!
  6. Make the world a better place to live!

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Shell provides funding for tuition scholarships for at least two CURIE Academy participants

Cornell Alumni Donors:

  • Han-Yang Lo ’98
  • Elaine Tam ’98
  • Harvey Willensky ’71 and Margie Willensky