Leadership Team

PI: Phoebe Sengers, Associate Professor, Information Science and Science & Technology Studies

Co-PI: Hakim Weatherspoon, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Co-PI: Steven Wolf, Associate Professor, Natural Resources

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jeanne Oui, Natural Resources

Doctoral Researchers

Shiang Chin, Systems Engineering

Jen Liu, Information Science

Donny Persaud, Science and Technology Studies

Gloire Rubambiza, Computer Science

Undergrad Research Assistants

Kevin Huang, Computer Science

Eaveryll Henriquez, Computer Science


Project Alumni

Sachille Atapattu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sarah Sachs, Postdoctoral Researcher, Science & Technology Studies

Jessica Lee, MPS Research Assistant, Information Science

Eric Rubenstein, Undergrad Research Assistant, Information Science

Annie Kimmel, Undergrad Research Assistant, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mueed Rehman, Undergrad Research Assistant, Electrical & Computer Engineering