First of all, you should know what eyelash transplant is. Women are very interested in beautifying their eyelashes to become more beautiful. One of the beautiful things that women do for their beauty is a one-month eyelash transplant, during which artificial eyelashes are attached to each eyelash. People’s natural eyelashes are added. Artificial eyelashes, contrary to their name, currently have a very beautiful and natural shape and appearance. These products are offered with different qualities and are made of different materials such as natural mink hair, sable, plastic and silk.

Types of eyelash implants

The types of eyelash transplant and the best type are the concern of most women today who seek to find more information about this topic in order to achieve more beauty. Thick and long eyelashes are considered one of the factors of beauty. For this reason, the beauty of hair and eyebrows is very important in the beauty of a woman’s face. But doing this well has some side effects, in that the adhesives and materials used to attach the eyelashes may cause inflammation of the eyelids and cause allergies and eczema for the person.


One of the latest tricks to increase the beauty of the eyes is eyelash implantation. In this topic, we will introduce you to the types of eyelash implants, models, advantages and disadvantages of each, their price and the best type so that you can become more beautiful with a conscious choice and not harm your eyelashes.


There are two types of eyelash implants:


  1. Temporary eyelash implantation

In this type of implantation, artificial threads are used and attached to the eyelashes using temporary herbal glue and placed under the eyelid in a secret way, which is completely natural and harmless.


  1. Extension

In this method, it is divided into different methods. Instead of temporary and herbal glue, you use permanent glue, and according to your taste and request, the eyelash works for you.

Eyelash transplant selection criteria

To choose the type of eyelashes, different criteria should be considered.


1- Lash length


The length of the eyelashes is very important for the natural appearance of the eyelashes. Choosing eyelashes with the wrong length will cause your eyelashes to fall out. In addition, it makes you feel uncomfortable and even makes you look ugly. Another important point is that if you choose eyelashes that are thicker and heavier than your natural eyelashes, the follicles of your natural eyelashes will also be damaged and their growth will face various problems.


Steps of eyelash implantation

The steps of eyelash planting require some accessories and tools for eyelash planting, which you must prepare before training to do this work, which are as follows:


eyelash glue

Thin paper glue for under the eyes

hand fan

mascara head

Dual purpose brush

Angled brush

Small brushes

Eyelash cleaning pad

Jade stone cleaning pad

Eyelash lifting device


Thermal eyelash curler

Special tweezers for eyelashes

Mini mascara handles

Lint-free eye pad

Valium eyelash implantation

This is a multi-dimensional eyelash implant model, which is placed from 2 to 5 strands on one eyelash and makes the eyelashes look full and long, and in such a way that from two to 10th dimension, volume and from 12th dimension are mega eyelashes. They say Valium. Because it makes the eyelashes look fuller and fuller. To do this, very, very thin eyelashes that are in two, three or four different directions are used on each natural eyelash.


Natural eyelash implantation


This type of implantation is very suitable for people whose eyelashes are short or have fallen. Similarly, people who have genetic eyelash weakness can easily use this model. This model of implantation is the best option for people who are undergoing chemotherapy.


6 month eyelash transplant

In temporary eyelash implantation using glue and synthetic hair strands that are installed between natural eyelashes, the maximum duration of these eyelashes lasts up to one month and finally up to 6 weeks. After this period, these hairs fall out and it is necessary to perform and repair this work again.


To implant eyelashes, silk and doll eyelashes and natural eyelashes obtained from human hair are used, and these eyelashes can be placed under the eyelash hairs or on the skin of the eyelid and the stem of the natural eyelashes using Fixed by glue. Shortening and lengthening the eyelashes creates natural density and makes the eyelash line more beautiful. In fact, 6-month eyelash implantation is considered as an advertisement because the durability of any type of eyelashes using the best and highest quality implant adhesives has a maximum durability of one to 6 weeks. And after the end of this period, it should be repaired.


What is the difference between temporary eyelash implantation and eyelash extension?

In temporary planting, its durability is from 2 to 4 weeks and there is no need for repair. But the durability of the extension is from 21 to 30 days and it needs to be repaired after 30 days.


Care before eyelash extension:

Those who have severe allergies or seasonal sensitivities should inform the eyelash specialist before doing it.

Do not implant or repair eyelash extensions three days before and three days after the start of menstruation

Do not do permanent eyelash implantation during pregnancy.

If you are breastfeeding or taking any hormonal pills, be sure to consult an eyelash specialist

Do not swim two days before eyelash extension and avoid strenuous sports one day before.

Clean your eyelashes thoroughly before doing the extension.

Care after eyelash extension:

Do not take a bath for at least 48 hours.

Avoid contact with water, eye tears, spray or cologne for at least 24 hours.

When washing the eyelashes, be careful not to pour water directly on the eyelashes with pressure.

Wash gently with shampoo and remove the water behind the eyelids with clean hands.

At a distance of 50 cm, take the cold and hot wind from the bottom to our eyelids.

Do not sleep at night in such a way that it does not cause the eyelashes to break.

Durability of eyelash implantation

If you have decided to have eyelashes implanted, you should know that these artificial eyelashes usually last between two to four weeks, and if you are careful in maintaining them, you can keep them for up to six weeks.


Do natural eyelashes fall out after eyelash transplantation?

No, eyelash transplant does not cause natural eyelashes to fall out. This work does not have complications or risks, but it is recommended to be careful not to touch the eyelashes with water for 24 hours after the eyelash implantation so that the glue sticks well and lasts.