Never let a poorly executed sequence pass” 

Discipline of DE

Research Interests
Machine learning
Diffusion models
Sequential decision making, bandit and RL
Kernel methods, Gaussian processes and Bayesian optimisation
  • PhD in the field of machine learning (Bandit, RL, Bayesian optimisation) at UCL supported by MediaTek Research. Please feel free to email your resume if you are interested.
  • MediaTek Research is hiring AI researchers and interns to work on research oriented projects in generative models, AI for communication, RL, Bandits, DL, GPs, Optimization and more. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Our offices are located in Cambridge, London and Taipei.
Sing-Yuan Yeh
Mark Chang
Sudeep Salgia
‪Nacime Bouziani
Danyal Ahmed
Ayman Boustati