Bram Wallace

3rd Year PhD Student, Center for Applied Mathematics

Email: bw462@cornell.edu


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Resume (Updated Sep. 19)

My interests are broadly in computer vision. More specifically, my current pursuit is extending existing work to domains where modern deep learning methods have not yet made as much of an impact. Examples of this include finding self-supervised representation learning methods that generalize across different datatypes (e.g. natural, satellite, texture). Other areas that I’ve explored include normalizing flows and the interplay between CNNs and the JPEG compression algorithm.

I am advised by Dr. Bharath Hariharan from the Cornell CS Department. My undergraduate studies were at the College of San Mateo and University of California: Santa Barbara. During the two-year gap between UCSB and Cornell, I performed research with Dr. Paul Atzberger (see my Publications section) and did a year-long internship at the biotechnology startup Vium.