Can We Characterize Tasks Without Labels or Features?

CVPR 2021

Bram Wallace*, Ziyang Wu* and Bharath Hariharan

We extend task characterization (see Task2Vec) to operate without task labels and pretrained feature extractors respectively.


Extending and Analyzing Self-Supervised Learning Across Domains

ECCV 2020ECCV 2020

Bram Wallace and Bharath Hariharan

In this work we experiment with a variety of self-supervised learning techniques on a broad set of domains to better understand these methods outside of the CIFAR/ImageNet setting where the abundance of labels partially obviates the use of self-supervision.






Few-Shot Generalization for Single-Image 3D Reconstruction via Priors

ICCV 2019ICCV 2019

Bram Wallace & Bharath Hariharan

My initial work with my advisor, Dr. Hariharan. In this paper, we present a single-view 3D reconstruction network that can leverage shape information for novel categories without retraining.


Förster resonance energy transfer: Role of diffusion of fluorophore orientation and separation in observed shifts of FRET efficiency

PLOS OneUndergraduate Work

Bram Wallace & Paul Atzberger

My post-undergraduate research, completed partially at UC Santa Barbara. This work uses Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the effect of solution viscosity on FRET transfer efficiency.