DPE Annual Awards 2021

Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) recognizes the outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, student organizations, faculty and staff through our Annual Awards. Additionally, with support from our industry partners DPE presents corporate awards and scholarships to students.

Signature Awards

Signature award recipients are selected by the number of nominations received in conjunction with qualitative examples of their deeds and efforts. These awards include a monetary prize to recognize the outstanding contributions of the award recipients.

Student of the Year Awards

  • Freshmen of the Year – Adigun Olusola ‘24 (Unaffiliated) Engineering & Neha Malepati ’24 (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Undergraduate Student of the Year – Adele Smolansky ’23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • First Year Graduate Student of the Year – Katie Randolph, Biological and Environmental Engineering, PhD Student
  • Graduate Student of the Year – Chinasa Okolo, Computer Science, PhD Student

Read more about the awardees: Student of the Year Awards

Commitment to Diversity Awards

  • Zellman Warhaft Undergraduate Student Awardees: Caroline Hanson ’21, Mechanical Engineering & Caroline Waksmunksi ’21, Biomedical Engineering
  • Zellman Warhaft Graduate Student Awardees: Tibra Wheeler, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate & Zeinab Mohamed, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate
  • Zellman Warhaft Faculty Commitment to Diversity Award: Professor Amal El-Ghazaly, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Richard Allmendinger Staff Commitment to Diversity Award: Joe N. Rowe, Director of Administration, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Read more about the awardees: Commitment to Diversity Awards

Mentorship Awards

  • CU Empower Outstanding Peer Protégé Awards – Daniella Reis, Geological Sciences, PhD Student & Cira Diop ’24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • CU Empower Outstanding Peer Mentor Awards – Katie Barajas ’22 Engineering Physics & Jon Albo, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Student
  • Ephrahim Garcia Graduate Excellence in Mentoring Awards – Jason Chang, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate & Emily Laurilliard, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Student
  • Honorable Mention for Ephrahim Garcia Graduate Excellence in Mentoring:
    • Jon Albo, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Student
    • Garrett Beeghly, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Student
    • Monideepa Chatterjee, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate
    • Taylor Oeschger, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate
    • Ferra Pinnock, Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

Read more about the awardees: Mentorship Awards

Leadership and Service Awards

  • Undergraduate Excellence in Leadership Award – Ana Elhom ’21, Biomedical Engineering
  • Undergraduate Distinguished Service Award – Isabella Animadu ’22, Civil Engineering & Niharika Shukla ’21, Mechanical Engineering
  • The Robert Mozia Graduate Distinguished Service Award – Andrea Robinson, Biomedical and Biological Sciences, PhD Student
  • Graduate Excellence in Leadership Award – Gillian Hagen, Applied Physics, PhD Student

Read more about the awardees: Leadership and Service Awards

Participation Awards, Distinguished Volunteers & DPE Student Coordinators

  • Undergraduate Participant of the Year: Jhanique Berridge ‘24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Graduate Participant of the Year: Luria Greene, Biological and Environmental Engineering, PhD Candidate

DPE Student Coordinators

  • Ansumana Bangura ’20, Mechanical Engineering & ’21 MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Saul Bernaber ’21, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Robinson (Trey) Burrell ’21, Computer Science
  • Saleh Hassen ’21, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Atsu Kludze ’21, Chemical Engineering
  • Atsutse Kludze ’21, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • John C. Nwankwo ’21, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Visit the participant and volunteer page for a full list of students recognized for participation, student staff, and volunteering with DPE’s Engineering Diversity Hosting day event.

Scholar & Fellowship Programs

DPE recognizes graduating students in Scholars and Fellowship Programs. Learn more about our graduates in scholar and fellowship programs at our graduating scholars page.

Student Leaders

Visit the student leader page for a list of outgoing leaders from DPE affiliated student organizations.

Corporate Awards & Scholarships

Visit the corporate award and scholarship page for photos and a full list of GE Dare to Lead participants.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) scholarship recipients:

  • Andrea Lucia Alfonso ’20, Biological Engineering
  • Myles Cherebin ’22, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Samantha Pitts ’21, Biomedical Engineering


  • Devin Dean ’21, Engineering Physics
  • Regina Casimiro-Núñez ’22, Biological Engineering

Goldman Sachs

  • Francisco Wagner ’21, Operations Research & Engineering
  • Tanvi Athavale ’23, Information Science, Systems, and Technology

Intel Foundation

  • Elias Little ’23, Operations Research & Engineering
  • Rebekah Westerlind ’22, Operations Research & Engineering

Lockheed Martin

  • Courtney Golden ’23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Miah Sanchez ’22, Computer Science


  • Andreea Foarce ’21, Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering
  • Dasha Griffiths ’24, Undeclared (Computer Science)

Diversity Scholar Awards

  • Isabella Animadu ’22, Civil Engineering
  • Dylan Aquart ’24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Guadalupe Bernal ’23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Edith Chen ’23, Biomedical Engineering
  • Bridget Childs ’21, Environmental Engineering
  • Shemar Christian ’21, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jayson Figueroa ’21, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sindhu Iyer ’21, Chemical Engineering
  • Anna Lin ’24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Henry Tenecela ’22, Civil Engineering

GE Dare to Lead Spring Project

  • Bashayer Aldakkan, Materials Science and Engineering, MS Student
  • Amanda Amornwichet ’21, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Abdullah Ashuaibi, Materials Science and Engineering, PhD Student
  • Tiffany Chou ’23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Raphael Fortuna ’23, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Courtney Kraft ’23, Mechanical Engineering
  • Candice Mahadeo ’22, Applied Economics and Management
  • Neha Malepati ’24, (Unaffiliated) Engineering
  • Kingsley Odae ’22, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Lineker Ono ’21, Independent Major
  • Efrain Muñoz ’23, Computer Science
  • Julia Radzio ’21, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tyson Reed ’22, Mechanical Engineering

Note: 31 students participated in GE Dare to Lead in 2020-21; more participants are on our corporate awards and scholarship page.