• AsuFest, MIT.

    A workshop on the frontier of games, optimization, networks, machine learning and operations. 

  • Workshop on Games on Networks, NUS, Singapore. Co-organized with Asuman Ozdaglar and Marco Scarsini.
    4-day workshop on topics of games and network theory at the interface between control, cs and economics. Recorded talks will be available soon.

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  • Lecturer for Cornell’s CURIE Academy
  • Judge for ENVISION by WiSTEM
  • Mentor for the Talaria Summer Institute by WiSTEM
    The Talaria Summer Institute (TSI) is a free summer STEM research mentorship program for female and genderqueer high-school students. TSI was founded by the nonprofit organization ATHENA By Women In STEM (ABWIS) to breach inequities in access to research and STEM opportunities. If you are part of this program and looking for a mentor in the area of network science, please feel free to contact me for more details!

    Network of interactions among the main characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night play.
    Network of interactions among the main characters of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play (by Jade Park).