Aug 13rd-17th 2023: In ACS Fall 2023 Harnessing the Power of Data Computational Session, Zijian served as presider and presented “Deep learning-enabled single-cell Raman micro-spectroscopy platform reveals high-resolution study of intracellular molecular dynamics and cellular heterogeneity identification”. Guangyu Li presented “Machine Learning Application for Optimized Single-Cell Raman Spectroscopy (SCRS)-based Microbial Taxonomic Identification”.

Aug 11th 2023: Yinmei passed her A exam! Finger crossed! Big Congrats!!!

Jul 29th – Aug 5th 2023: Zijian presented poster about “Phenotype-guided Raman single-cell sorting platform enabled novel discovery of polyphosphate accumulating organisms in engineered wastewater system and agricultural rhizosphere environment” in Gordon Research Seminar/Conference: Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics in Bryant University. It is fun!

June 6th-9th 2023: Yuan serves as a session facilitator and Peibo presents “Full scale characterization of vivianite and its relations in improving class A biosolids applications” on WEF/IWA innovations in Process Engineering!

June 1st 2023: Welcome the summer interns: Sara, Kenneth, Dahlia!

May 19th 2023: Big Congrats to Mathew who successfully passes his Q exam!

May 2nd 2023: Welcome the visiting student Adam Simpson from Stanford for one month, during the period of which he will be learning toxico-genomics assay from our group for drinking water DBP study!

May 1st 2023: Big Congrats! Peibo successfully defensed her M.S. degree with a minor in bioenergy and integrated systems. She will be working on internal processes in Capital Projects at Chevron! Good luck to her next position!

April 2023: Welcome undergrads Sara and Raashid! They will focus on soil phosphorus cycling and wastewater resource recovery under supervision of Mathew, Yuan, and April.

Mar 6th 2023: Zijian attended 2023 APS March Meeting and presented “AI-powered biotechnology platform of single-cell Raman micro-spectroscopy enables high-resolution dynamical phenotyping study of bacterial growth and cellular heterogeneity” on session of machine learning for spectroscopy.

Feb 5th 2023: Merry Lantern Festival! 元宵节快乐!阖家幸福!

Jan 22nd 2023: Gu Group wishes you happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Jan 1st 2023: The Gu Environmental Biotechnology Lab wishes you all a happy, joy, healthy, New Year!

Dec 14th 2022: Yinmei attended the annual meeting to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the NIEHS Superfund Research Program at NC State and the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Her poster focused on “Long-term monitoring of micropollutants and mixture toxicity effect in drinking water in Puerto Rico“.

Nov 1st 2022: Mathew attended the Phosphorus Week in North Carolina hosted by the STEPS Center and the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance to present “Revealed Role of Polyphosphate Accumulating Organisms (PAOs) in P Flux Dynamics in Oneida Lake Sediments and Impacts of Dissolved Oxygen Level“.

Oct 20th, 2022: Big Congrats! Guangyu Li and Peisheng He passed their A exams! 😀

Oct 10th – 11st, 2022: The CROPPS Annual Meeting is happening right now. Hear the insider’s vision talks about digital twins and programmable biology. Peisheng and Mathew delivered poster presentations about polyphosphate-accumulating organisms and their relevant phosphoromics in soil. Zijian gave oral flash talk about AI-powered integrated single-cell Raman platform. April led the vision talk series.

Sep 20th, 2022: Congratulations to our new master group member Zijun Meng! He loves to play basketball and wants to explore in the field of biological wastewater treatment techniques!

August 4th, 2022: Guangyu Li‘s paper “Machine Learning-Based Determination of Sampling Depth for Complex Environmental Systems: Case Study with Single-Cell Raman Spectroscopy Data in EBPR Systems” was accepted to Environmental Science & Technology!

June 27th, 2022: Yuan, Kester, Yinmei, Zijian (funded by NSF national center for research on programmable plant systems, CROPPS) attended 2022 AEESP conference in St. Louis!

June 27th, 2022: Group Alumni Carla Cherchi, Yishan Lin, received the AEESP/Mary Ann Liebert Award for Publication Excellence in Environmental Engineering Science.

June 27th, 2022: April received the 2022 AEESP Distinguished Service Award – AEESP Foundation Board Service.

June 15th, 2022: Zijian was funded by NSF I-Corps to receive entrepreneurial trainings and attended 2022 BIO Convention Conference in San Diego!

June 1st, 2022: Peibo moved to D.C. water for her next phase of graduate school!

May 30th, 2022: Congratulations to Mathew for his undergrad graduation with honor thesis defense! And he will join us as a PhD student!

March, 2022: Group Alumni Mokhles Rahman received the Spotlight Featured paper by NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP)!

December 1st, 2021: Congratulations to Yinmei for her master defense! And she will join us as a PhD student!

August 25th, 2021: Our official Twitter account is online! Check our Twitter: @aprilgulab

July 2021: April received the CAPEES/Nanova Frontier Research Award

June 30th, 2021: Welcome our new master student Peibo (Naomi) Guo in our group! She is interested in utilizing bioremediation techniques to improve wastewater treatment, as well as exploring phosphorus removal. She will be working with D.C. water!

June 2020: Annalisa Onnis-Hayden and the S2EBPR team received the Water Environment Research (WER) Outstanding Paper award.

September 2020: April received AEESP Outstanding Service Award  for serving on the Board of Directors

October 2019: April received the Super Reviewer Award for Environmental Science and Technology, ACS

September 2019: April and the S2EBPR research team won the Ralph Fuhrman Medal from Water Environment Federation.