Guangyu Li

B.S., Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University

Research interests: exploring and developing computational methods in environmental microbial ecology assessment with combined genotyping (metagenomics and 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing) and phenpotyping (single-cell Raman spectroscopy) datasets; applying machine learning techniques in analysis of high-dimensional Raman single-cell spectroscopic data.

Hobbies: programming, calligraphy, swimming

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Peisheng He

B.E., Environmental Engineering, TsinghuaUniversity, 2018

Research interests: employing single-cell Raman platform, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, and genomics-based methodologies to identify putative PAOs in plant rhizosphere and elucidate their functions to plant growth and health.

Hobbies: tennis


ymf intro

Yinmei Feng

B.S., Environmental Science, China Pharmaceutical University, 2019
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2021

Research interests: employing an E. coli toxicogenomics assay to evaluate the antibiotic resistance potential and mechanisms by mixture of environmental pollutants.

Hobbies: skiing, swimming

Mathew Baldwin

B.S., Environment & Sustainability, Cornell University, 2022

Research Interests: P species bio and geogenesis/fate and transport processes in soils, linking plant-microbe-soil interactions in rhizosphere which modify P species profile at the genomic and phenotypic level

Hobbies: hiking, house plants