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Non-Traditional Student Organization at Cornell (NSOC)

NSOC are a new organization on campus trying to create a community for non-traditional students. Our main goal is to fill in gaps in social, curricular, extra-curricular, and career resources for these students who may miss out on opportunities due to their particular circumstances. NSOC has an open definition of what constitutes a non-traditional student but it could consist of one of the following groups: military and veteran students, students with dependents, adult learners (starting college at 24 years old or more), students returning from a leave of absence, commuter students, financially independent students, transfer students, undocumented students, or full-time employed students.

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Cornell D&I Business Advisory Council (DBAC)

The Cornell D&I Business Advisory Council was created to foster a more inclusive and diverse culture in the business community as students from underrepresented backgrounds were disproportionately excluded from membership in these organizations and often lacked a sense of belonging even when admitted. The program seeks to equalize access to opportunities by developing initiatives that open additional channels of learning and give student leaders the tools needed to effectively address these issues.

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