Students measure vibrations under Duffield stairs

Get Involved


There are various opportunities for Cornell University faculty to get involved our high school programs.

  • Serve as the lead faculty instructor. The lead faculty instructor lead instruction on a particular engineering or design project. Faculty will interact with students for four (4) hours Monday-Friday and attend opening and closing events.
    • Faculty are assisted by graduate students and/or postdoctoral scholars who serve as teaching assistants.
  • Present an interactive and engaging information session on your field. Students learn about the field, curriculum, current trends and research.

Cornell Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Cornell graduate and undergraduate students are a key part of our program staff.

  • Program Assistants (PAs): DPE staff recruits Cornell Engineering graduate and undergraduate students to serve as PAs during the Academy. PAs supervise participants during all program activities and create a welcoming and fun environment.
  • Resident Hall Director (RHD): One graduate student serves as the RHD. The RHD supervises the PAs and completes special safety training to ensure compliance with requirements for children’s camps in New York State.
  • Additional administrative positions may be available with Diversity Programs in Engineering.

For questions or more information please contact:

Chris Casler-Gonçalves

Assistant Director

Diversity Programs in Engineering