Group of participants in safety helmets at Hoffman Challenge ropes course


CATALYST Academy offers its scholars an authentic college experience.  CATALYST Scholars participate in daily interactive academic, research, and social activities designed to build literacy surrounding various engineering fields, academic and career pathways, and demystify the STEM admissions process.

Field Sessions

  • CATALYST Scholars participate in nine (9) field sessions led by Cornell Engineering faculty across each of Cornell Engineering’s major fields of study.
  • In these sessions, participants learn about the field, related curriculum, current trends and research,
  • Each field session includes interactive and hands-on experiences.
  • Additionally, Cornell Engineering Admissions provides a 10th field session that demystifies the admissions process for students interested in pursuing their post-secondary studies at Cornell.

Research Project

  • CATALYST Scholars attend classes under the auspices of a Cornell Engineering faculty member.
  • CATALYST Scholars work in small collaborative groups.
  • The faculty and a team of post-docs, graduate students, and/or undergraduates instruct and mentor CATALYST through a curriculum which culminates into a specific project.
  • Groups present their findings or outcomes on the final day. Parents or guardians are welcomed to attend the final presentations.

Social Activities

2023 Schedule

CATALYST Schedule 2023