Prof. Lammerding discusses lesson with students

Get Involved


There are various opportunities for Cornell University faculty to get involved our high school programs.

  • Serve as the lead faculty instructor. The lead faculty instructor lead instruction on a particular engineering or design project. Faculty will interact with students for four (4) hours Monday-Friday and attend opening and closing events.
    • Faculty are assisted by graduate students and/or postdoctoral scholars who serve as teaching assistants.
  • Present an interactive and engaging information session on your field.¬†Students learn about the field, curriculum, current trends and research.

Cornell Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Cornell graduate and undergraduate students are a key part of our program staff.

  • Program Assistants (PAs): DPE staff recruits Cornell Engineering graduate and undergraduate students to serve as PAs during the Academy. PAs supervise participants during all program activities and create a welcoming and fun environment.
  • Resident Hall Director (RHD): One graduate student serves as the RHD. The RHD supervises the PAs and completes special safety training to ensure compliance with requirements for children’s camps in New York State.
  • Additional administrative positions may be available with Diversity Programs in Engineering.

For questions or more information please contact:
Diversity Programs in Engineering
Cornell University, College of Engineering