Academy Schedule

Program Dates: 15-21 JULY 2018

Each day in the CURIE Academy includes academic, research and social aspects.

Field Sessions (morning)

  • Two field sessions led by Cornell Engineering faculty in various engineering disciplines.
  • Students learn about the field, curriculum, current trends and research.
  • Interactive demonstrations and/or hands-on activities.
  • Cornell’s Engineering Admissions presentation providing insight about applying to Cornell and the general admissions process.

Research/Design Project Sessions (afternoon)

  • CURIE Scholars work in small collaborative groups under the auspices of a Cornell Engineering faculty research director.
  • The faculty and a team of post-docs, graduate students, and/or undergraduates instruct and mentor CURIE through a curriculum which culminates into a specific project.
  • Groups presents their findings or outcomes on the final day. Parents or guardians are welcomed to attend the final presentations.

Social Activities (evenings)

  • CURIE program assistants lead the cohort in social activities and friendly engineering competitions.
Please note the schedule below is an overview of the program activities. Faculty, location and times are subject to change.