Application Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Questions regarding the program (e.g., “Who will be my mentor?”) can be found on the program FAQ section.

How will I know when my application is complete?

  • When all supporting materials have arrived, we will notify applicants that the application is complete. Applications will not be considered until all supporting documentation is received.

What should I address in my personal statement?

  • Discuss you research interests.
  • Describe your plans for earning an advanced degree
  • Explain how this research opportunity relates to your career goals and plans.
  • Discuss one of your lived experiences and how it will contribute to LSAMP’s diverse scholarly community. Some topics to consider:
    • Having experienced situations or conditions that impacted your advancement or ability to advance in a STEM field;
    • Having demonstrated a commitment to addressing the barriers that prevent participation of historically underrepresented groups in graduate STEM programs;
    • Having demonstrated leadership potential to address issues of domestic minorities in STEM fields.

Are there specific research projects or faculty for the LSAMP REU?

  • Yes and no, we invite applications from eligible students in a variety of STEM majors and research interests.
  • LSAMP REU partners with the Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems (CROPPS). If you’re interested in working with these faculty,  learn more about CROPPS here and see past projects.
  • Applicants should review faculty research information in their areas of interest by visiting department sites.

Who should write a recommendation for me? What should it include?

  • At least one recommendation letter should be from a faculty member who can evaluate the applicant’s academic potential. If an applicant has previously been involved in research, we suggest soliciting a recommendation from the professor who supervised that research.
  • The other recommendation letter may be provided by a work reference or university administrator who knows the applicant’s academic, work ethic and experience, or character qualifications.
  • Both letters may be written by faculty members.
  • We recommend contacting professors well in advance of the deadline and asking if they feel able to provide a strong recommendation.
  • A well-prepared recommendation should evaluate the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses as well as potential as a researcher, communicate information about any relevant laboratory  or research skills, and address general character.
  • Recommendations are weighted heavily in the selection process. Thus, it is important to make sure they are submitted on time.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure both recommendations are submitted by the deadline.

Are students required to reach out to faculty prior to applying?

  • No, students do not need to reach out to faculty of interest.

When will decisions be available?

  • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by mid-April.

What is the program acceptance rate?

  • We expect to admit 4-8 participants for the Summer CU LSAMP REU. Total participants depends on final funding availability.

Are international students eligible to apply for CU LSAMP REU?