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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Questions regarding the program (e.g., “Who will be my mentor?”) can be found on the program FAQ section.

How will I know when my application is complete?

  • When all supporting materials have arrived, we will notify applicants that the application is complete. Applications will not be considered until all supporting documentation is received.

When will decisions be available?

  • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by mid-April.

What is the program acceptance rate? 

  • We expect to admit 4-8 participants for the Summer CU LSAMP REU. Total participants depends on final funding availability.

Who should write a recommendation for me? What should it include?

  • At least one recommendation letter should be from a faculty member who can evaluate the applicant’s academic potential. If an applicant has previously been involved in research, we suggest soliciting a recommendation from the professor who supervised that research.
  • The other recommendation letter may be provided by a work reference or university administrator who knows the applicant’s academic, work ethic and experience, or character qualifications.
  • Both letters may be written by faculty members.
  • We recommend contacting professors well in advance of the deadline and asking if they feel able to provide a strong recommendation.
  • A well-prepared recommendation should evaluate the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses as well as potential as a researcher, communicate information about any relevant laboratory skills, and address general character.
  • Recommendations are weighted heavily in the selection process. Thus, it is important to make sure they are submitted on time.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure both recommendations are submitted by the deadline.

What should I address in my essay?

  • Discuss you research interests.
  • Identify two or three specific Cornell University faculty members with whom you wish to conduct research with during the program and why you desire to perform research with those particular faculty members.
  • Explain how this research opportunity relates to your career goals and plans.
  • Provide overview of post baccalaureate plans.

Are international students eligible to apply for CU LSAMP REU?